Humeral Hypomobility Syndrome

Humeral Hypomobility Syndrome


You probably received a diagnosis of frozen shoulder or adhesive capsulitis from your doctor.  Symptoms focus on pain and limited range of motion in all directions, generally rotation is the most limited then abduction and flexion.

Diagnostic Tests:

  • Increased motion at the thoracoscapular joint vs. the glenohumeral joint (shoulder blade moves more than the ball and socket).
  • Obvious compensations to lift the arm overhead or to rotate the arm.
  • Pain in all directions.
  • Stiffness in all directions with lateral rotation being worse than medial rotation, then abduction and flexion.


  • Manual therapy if consistent improvements in pain or range of motion continue.
  • Home exercise of painfree stretching / mobility exercises.
  • This condition can take up to 2 years to get better and may require the patient to perform exercises independently for much of that time.  Physical Therapy intervention does not always provide consistent relief and improvement.
  • Stretch into medial and lateral rotation in supine, achieve 75% of lateral rotation before abduction exercise.



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