Humeral Anterior Glide Syndrome

Humeral Anterior Glide Syndrome


Pain in the front of the shoulder joint and is usually worse with shoulder internal rotation, extension, or horizontal abduction.  Sometimes overhead pain as well into flexion.  This is caused by excessive motion of the ball toward the front part of the socket.

Common Medical Diagnoses:

  • Anterior impingement
  • biceps tendonitis
  • labral tear
  • anterior dislocation
  • supraspinatus tendinopathy
  • bursitis

Diagnostic Tests:

  • Posture / Alignment: More than 1/3 of the humeral head is anterior of the acromion.
  • Posture / Alignment: Humerus is extended or the humeral head is anterior of the distal humerus.
  • Posture / Alignment: Scapula in position of Anterior Tilt (also described as rounded or forward shoulders)
  • Secondary Tests: Pain is decreased when posterior glide is applied (during a motion like extension, external rotation, horizontal abduction, or flexion).
  • Poor movement of the scapula during extension or horizontal abduction with excessive glenohumeral motion and insufficient scapulothoracic motion


  • Improve the mobility of the posterior capsule.
    • Supine Shoulder IR
    • Supine Shoulder Horizontal Adduction
  • Improve the work of the subscapularis vs. the pectoralis major for shoulder internal rotation.
    • Prone Shoulder IR
    • Theraband Shoulder IR at side – perform it correctly.  Don’t let the wrist cross the belly button.
  • Decrease tone in the posterior deltoid, infraspinatus, or teres minor and improve their length.
    • self massage, contract relax stretching
  • Improve coordination of the scapular adductors (mid and low trap) in relation to glenohumeral horizontal abductors (posterior deltoid, infraspinatus, teres minor)

Self Release for the Pecs – Ben Bruno.  I like these stretches except for number 2.  I feel that number 2 can be performed correctly, but it also can be performed incorrectly adding stress to the anterior joint capsule of the shoulder.  So if you know how to do it, then go ahead, otherwise skip it. 


These are primarily sourced from work by the great Shirley Sahrmann PhD. I use these pages as a personal reference for this type of information.


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