Low Back Pain

Low Back Pain

Acute Pain (<12 weeks)

No Symptoms Distal to the Knee
Recent Onset of Symptoms (<16 days)
Low FABQ Score (<19)
Hypomobility of the lumbar spine with PA testing
Hip Internal Rotation >=35 degrees for at least 1 hip

Symptoms Distal to the Buttock
Symptoms Centralize with Extension
Symptoms Peripheralize with Flexion
Patient Prefers Extended Postures

Over Age 50
Imaging of Lumbar Spinal Stenosis
Prefers Flexion

Lateral Shift
Preference for positions in lateral shift

Younger than 40
Positive Prone Instability Test
Instability Catch / Aberrant Movements



Chronic Pain (>12 weeks)

Lumbar Spine
1) Lumbar Flexion Syndrome
2) Lumbar Extension Syndrome
3) Lumbar Rotation Syndrome
4) Lumbar Rotation with Flexion Syndrome
5) Lumbar Rotation with Extension Syndrome


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