Femoral Accessory Motion Hypermobility

Femoral Accessory Motion Hypermobility


Your pain is deep in the hip joint, in the groin, or along the inside and front of your thigh.  This is probably caused by excessive flexibility in subtle motions around the hip joint, with tightness in the bigger muscles of the thigh (quadriceps and hamstrings).


Activities that may be consistent with this diagnosis:
very fit individual who has done substantial weight training or in cyclists



  • Improve the activation and strength of the muscles closest to the hip joint (iliopsoas, gluteus medius, deep hip rotators, gluteus maximus).
  • Stretch the large thigh muscles (rectus femoris and hamstrings) without moving the hip in the socket.
    • I find the SFMA progressions in weightbearing work well here:
      • quadruped to feel the position of the hip centered in the socket
      • 1/2 kneeling once quadruped is working well
        • start in a static position
        • progress to lifting the front leg
        • add complexity with upper body motion (chop / lift / diagonals, rotation, etc.)
      • standing with a similar feel (bilateral to unilateral to unstable)
        • add opposite leg movements (abduction, flexion / extension)
        • add upper body movements
        • move in and out of hip hinge
        • move in and out of squats

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