Proximal Tibiofibular Glide Syndrome

Proximal Tibiofibular Glide Syndrome


Pain on the lateral proximal portion of the fibula and possibly radiating numbness down the lateral leg into the dorsum of the foot.  This is due to excessive motion of the fibula due to pull of the lateral hamstrings during activity.


  • Manually glide fibular head back to normal alignment (using uninjured side as guideline).
  • Tape fibular head in normal alignment for stability.
  • Address hamstring length problems.
  • Address lack of talocrural dorsiflexion.

2 thoughts on “Proximal Tibiofibular Glide Syndrome

  1. darshan jain

    hello mr Jason, Iam a physical therapist practising in India. .. I recently had two patients undergone bilateral TKR (total knee replacement).. after successful surgery and undergoing PT treatment for more than a month started complaining of pain at the proximal tibiofibular joint and heaviness of the leg below it… muscle power was good, total knee extension but flexion limited to 90 degree in prone lying… complain aggrravating on standing and walking.. there was no muscle tightness… what can be the possible cause of this? can you help me with your expertise opinion.

    will be waiting to hear from u soon..
    thank you

    1. sounds like the ITB insertion possibly. I try not to worry about pain within 3-4 months of surgery. They went through some serious trauma. Use pain science education, try having the individuals massage their thighs and lower legs – rolling pin or marathon stick work well. More details would be beneficial. Were the limbs straightened at all during the surgery? That seems to cause a lot of lower limb pain.

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