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Movement Impairment Syndrome Diagnosis List (thanks to Shirley Sahrmann)

Cervical Spine Pain:
1) Cervical Extension Syndrome
2) Cervical Extension-Rotation Syndrome
3) Cervical Flexion Syndrome
4) Cervical Flexion-Rotation Syndrome

Thoracic Spine Pain:
1) Thoracic Rotation-Flexion Syndrome
2) Thoracic Flexion Syndrome
3) Thoracic Rotation-Extension Syndrome
4) Thoracic Rotation Syndrome
5) Thoracic Extension Syndrome

Scapula Pain:
1) Scapular Downward Rotation Syndrome
2) Scapular Depression Syndrome
3) Scapular Abduction Syndrome
4) Scapular Winging and Tilting Syndrome

Shoulder – Glenohumeral Joint Pain:
1) Humeral Anterior Glide Syndrome
2) Humeral Superior Glide Syndrome
3) Shoulder Medial Rotation Syndrome
4) Glenohumeral Hypomobility Syndrome

Lumbar Spine Pain:
1) Lumbar Flexion Syndrome
2) Lumbar Extension Syndrome
3) Lumbar Rotation Syndrome
4) Lumbar Rotation with Flexion Syndrome
5) Lumbar Rotation with Extension Syndrome

Hip Pain:
1) Femoral Anterior Glide Syndrome
2) Femoral Anterior Glide with Medial Rotation Syndrome

3) Femoral Anterior Glide with Lateral Rotation Syndrome
4) Hip Adduction Syndrome with or without Medial Rotation
5) Femoral Lateral Glide Syndrome with Short Axis Distraction
6) Hip Extension with Knee Extension Syndrome
7) Hip Extension with Medial Rotation Syndrome

8) Femoral Hypomobility Syndrome with Superior Glide
9) Femoral Accessory Hypermobility Syndrome
10) Hip Lateral Rotation Syndrome

Knee Pain:
1) Tibiofemoral Rotation Syndrome with Valgus
2) Tibiofemoral Rotation Syndrome with Varus
3) Tibiofemoral Hypomobility Syndrome
4) Knee Extension Patellar Superior Glide Syndrome
5) Knee Extension Syndrome

6) Knee Hyperextension Syndrome
7) Patellar Lateral Glide Syndrome

Foot / Ankle Pain:
1) Pronation Syndrome
2) Supination Syndrome
3) Insufficient Dorsiflexion Syndrome
4) Hypomobility Syndrome
5) Proximal Tibiofibular Glide Syndrome
6) Distal Tibiofibular Gapping Syndrome


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