Greg Rose

Motor learning is best with Random Practice, not blocked practice.  Focus on feel, take time with the rep, do multiple exercises per set.  Do not repeat exercises.  To improve ability to move, practice randomly.  To improve strength do blocked practice.

People are on a functional continuum with problems:
subconscious dysfunction
conscious dysfunction
conscious function
subconscious function

Muscle memory does not exist.  Motor skills live in the nervous system and are really hard to lose or change.

Neurodevelopmental Perspective is the background to FMS, SFMA and provide a systematic and logical progression through exercise.

This is the 4×4 matrix.
Exercise positions: 1) non weight bearing (supine or prone), 2) quadruped, 3) kneeling, 4) standing
Exercise Resistance: 1) no resistance with pattern assistance, 2) no resistance, 3) resistance with pattern assistance, 4) resistance

Turkish get up includes 1×4, 2×4, 3×4, 4×4.  (Therefore the naked get up includes 1×2, 2×2, 3×2, 4×2).


Gray cook, Lee Burton

Soft tissue techniques with foam rollers, or sticks should improve acute symptoms and mobility within a few days, then other techniques are probably warranted. This is dependent on duration of symptoms though with a longer duration obviously requiring more time doing soft tissue work.

Follow up soft tissue with mobility exercises.

Once mobility is cleared, then stabilize in full rom with good control.

Neural training occurs when you cross the midline and move in functional patterns and multiple planes.

Consistent limitations in mobility across all movements defines a mobility problem with inconsistent mobility deficits indicating a stability problem.

Thoughts from hearing Stu McGill

Your hips are made for either powerlifting or Olympic lifting, probably not both.

Core stiffness, stability help create speed.

Assess hip motion to determine squat depth and where to start deadlifts.

Maximize training volume by eliminating energy leaks. This includes movement with uncontrolled spinal motion.

100% MVIC of rectus abdominis is achieved with stir the pot and pushup walkout vs 20% for Situps.

Some discs are made to lift heavy and others allow more motion (golf swing), but not both.

Jumping ability static vs step start is dependent on anatomy.