Thurs 4/19

Shar and Kate
Leg lowering progressions
-Kate barely passed her ASLR afterward for a 3 bilaterally, the left leg is borderline
TSPU progressions
-band assisted, Kate was able to do it with a green spri band – very impressive
-Shar looked solid with the med grey band
Quad / 1/2 kneeling hip flexor stretch
T spine foam rolling and extension over the foam roller
Tspine rotation for Kate, it’s beginning to look really good
Rotary stability for Shar – working on touching opposite knee and elbow in supine with RNT to pre activate the core, able to get it on both sides, but no carryover to qped yet.

Deadlift 70×10, the 7 sets of 3
Kate 95-105-115-120-120-125-125
Shar 95-105-115-120-120-120-125

Squats x10-15 (feeling better thanks to Anne today)
Bike 2 min, then 9×30 sec moderately hard followed by 90 sec moderate w/ less resistance
Farmer carry – L suitcase carry – R suitcase carry 35 lbs each x5, 53lbs each x5, 35lbs each x5. 12-13 min