Rehab Exercises to Help You Over Time

A patient recently asked me about some exercises that would be beneficial to continue over time.  I strongly support evidence based and international guidelines.  The World Health Organization has some basic guidelines that I use all the time.  And while my bias is toward squats, deadlifts, horizontal upper body pushes, and pulls, then vertical upper body pushes and pulls (if the body allows it), I came up with a few really basic ideas for complementary rehab exercises.  This is largely based on many of the deficits I see in my patients.  Here they are:

1) Upper back strength with horizontal abduction or rows

2) Rotator cuff strength – specifically external rotation (at the side or 90 degrees abduction)

3) Posture

a. Awareness at the computer

b. Awareness when standing around

4) Abdominals / core with forward and side planks

5) Sit to stand with double leg at a minimum, but single leg is preferred (watch the alignment)

6) Lateral hip strength with side steps

7) Balance on one leg with eyes closed ideally, but open if needed

Adhering to the WHO guidelines above should cover all of these things with the possible exception of the rotator cuff strength.


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