Infraspinatus pain or trigger points?

Are you struggling with infraspinatus trigger points, tightness or pain?  You might also have trigger points in your levator scapula and pec minor.  I  have a theory that this is a result of poor use of your upward rotation force couple neuro tag.  Serratus anterior, upper trap, and low trap should be working properly to rotate your scapula upward and decrease any impingement stresses.

If this is not occurring correctly, the glenohumeral joint elevates (flexes or abducts) with the anterior delt, biceps, etc. and the body runs out of motion around 120 degrees.  As those flexors start to bunch up, the work to go much further is difficult, so the scapula starts to get pulled upward by humeral adductors that attach to the scapula (infraspinatus, teres minor, teres major, and subscapularis).   I think infraspinatus becomes the main culprit because the shoulder is usually in relative internal rotation (ask a lot of people to raise their arms overhead and note which way the palm is facing) and it is put on tension in that position.  Passively placing the scapula in this upwardly rotated position should help alleviate any tension in the posterior shoulder.
Here are a couple of great ideas for helping improve this, thank you to Eric Cressey for putting out some great free material on youtube.
I also like to visualize the serratus actively upwardly rotating the shoulder blade to initiate an overhead lifting motion with a scooping motion.  Focusing on the elbow and going bottoms up with a kettlebell seems to help as well.

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