Basic Functional Activities – Rolling Part 1

2) roll from one lying position to another (simple rolling)

This activity is clearly one you want to be able to do, roll over in bed, or roll over on the ground.  Ideally, you should have pain free multi segmental rotation (from the SFMA), but if you perform a “hard roll,” you can do it without pain even if you don’t have pain free MSR.  I like this activity a lot because it is a great way to utilize your oblique slings (external oblique to contralateral internal oblique).

Here is an example of a contralateral hard roll.  I call it contralateral because you have the knee and contralateral (opposite) hand touching.

I also like to do an ipsilateral (same side) roll, where the hand touches the same side knee.  I also like to use a pilates ring to create the tension between the knee and the hand.  I like this exercise as a safe way to work on rotational core / lumbopelvic strength.

I also like the SFMA rolling or the “soft roll.”  I feel this really gets into the rotational chains from Thomas Myers’ work and becomes good preparation for a Turkish Get Up or Arm bar.

Here is the soft roll (UE supine to prone):

Here are all the patterns:

Kettlebell Armbar – one of my favorites:  Jump to about 1:30 or so.  I really like what he looks like around 1:54 – showing great shoulder mobility and stability:

Turkish Get Up:  Brett Jones performing, Gray Cook narrating.  This is from a great DVD, Kettlebells from the Ground Up.  This exercise is really the main part of the next post.

Keep Moving, Jason


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