Unstable Surface Training

I recently did a little searching for some information on unstable surface training and found some interesting results.
-unstable surfaces increase muscle activity during planks and birddogs, but not as much during bridges, curl up, and side planks (side bridges)
-unstable surface doesn’t add to serratus, upper, low trap, biceps
-raising feet will increase serratus and upper trap EMG
-pecs don’t increase EMG w/ unstable surface
-triceps and rectus abdominis do increase EMG on ball
-external oblique increases with push up plus on ball
-rectus abdominis and external oblique increased on ball
-erector spinae and internal oblique no increase on ball

Tennis Elbow in Golfers

I have been meaning to look up some causes of tennis elbow in golfers.  I thought I remembered something having to do with too much elbow flexion during the backswing, which I believe is also a big cause due to the rapid elbow extension during the downswing and at contact.  In looking for additional information, I came across this article below.  This makes a lot of sense – avoid cupping that lead wrist to decrease wrist extensor activity through the swing.  It all comes back to the basic tenet of keeping joints as close to neutral as possible.


Kinetic Control: The Management of Uncontrolled Movement

I am a huge fan of Mark Comerford.  He seems to have a great understanding of how to assess unstable movements throughout the body and provide motor control exercises to help improve those movements.  I have begun reading his book, “Kinetic Control: The Management of Uncontrolled Movement” and I love it.  It’s like an updated and easier to read Sahrmann.  I have a feeling this book will change how I practice almost immediately (I saw a little bit today after reading just the flexion test portion of the lumbar chapter).  If you like Sahrmann, you will love this book.  I highly recommend it.