Preventative Exercise Service

I’m providing a new service which is based on one of my favorite things about Physical Therapy – Preventative Exercise.  Many of the leaders in the PT world have talked about how our model of service is off – only getting involved when people are injured, not getting to people to prevent injury.  I strongly agree with this, especially since many people fall into the same patterns that contribute to their injuries.  Certain muscles are weak, some muscles have shortened, some have high tone, and lastly, but most importantly, many movement patterns have changed.

I will provide this service in your home.  We will work together through any goals you may have and then use assessments to determine what is needed.  This could run the gamut from basic corrective exercises that you can do most days of the week to a full blown exercise program for strength and conditioning.  I think you’ll enjoy this service and really gain a lot from it.

Since Physical Therapy still falls under the model of treating injured individuals, this service leans toward personal training.  While I need a referral from your physician in the State of Illinois for Physical Therapy, I do not for this service as I technically label it Personal Training delivered by a Physical Therapist.

If you are interested in learning more, please contact me at 847-431-1468 or




One thought on “Preventative Exercise Service

  1. Very cool! So is this like what you do with mom?

    Brad went to a PT for tendinitis in his knee and he seems to have a different model going. I think Brad has a monthly membership and goes in and does both knee specific work as well as a full body workout. I think they do a full body screening type thing, too. The Therapist doesn’t lead all the workouts, but has trainers though. Seems like a pretty good thing.

    I miss having a PT brother to workout with. Starting a month of unlimited yoga, so hopefully that will help my flexibility and core strength, which I feel like I lost this spring with working and traveling too much. 😦

    Megan Sweas 847-331-2173

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