Lewit index

Erector spinae
Thoracic – PT
Lumbar – self
Self global tx

Horizontal part / upper – PT and self

Quadratus lumborum – self standing and side lying

Rectus abdominis – self, not common

Iliopsoas – self, Thomas test position

Ligament pain in the pelvic region. – PT and self

Gluteus Maximus and levator ani – PT and self

Hip abductors – self, also addresses ql

Hip adductors – self in bkfo

Hamstrings – self

Rectus femoris – self Thomas test

Piriformis – self prone hip ir

Biceps femoris – PT and self (self is awkward)

Foot and toe extensors – PT and self

Achilles tendon – PT and self

Calcaneal spur – PT and self – although stabilization of the foot may be better

6.7 Training weak muscles (facilitation)


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