Short and Sweet Stability and Mobility Routine

This morning, I read Mike Robertson’s post,, about stability training and it got me thinking about how I need to spend more time doing specific core stability work and some more mobility work.  I spent a lot of time this weekend at CrossFit Wilmette doing mobility work to my adductors on my R leg and I have been feeling pretty good.  I also did a set of Tabata sprints this weekend as well, so this morning, I thought I’d combine my Tabata timer with stability work:

20 seconds of foam rolling (quad, ITB, adductor, calves) followed by a side or front plank for 10 seconds.  If you haven’t checked out my link to Joe Heiler’s post about planks, go here:

I think Kate, my Mom, and I will give this a go tomorrow before our workout.

Keep Moving,



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