Functional Stability Training for the Core

I just started watching the Functional Stability Training for the Core online video course and I really think it is great.  My favorite line from Mike Reinold’s intro is that he is teaching me how to help people learn to move correctly.  Exciting or boring or not, he wants correct non compensated movement.

I see compensations every day in PT and usually can see a laundry list of issues in my patients, so I am looking forward to how Mike and Eric integrate everything to address the varied aspects of dynamic stability.

UPDATE – 2nd module “Functional Stability of the Core”

I’m loving what Mike is saying.  I feel like I’ve been telling patients a lot of the same things lately.  The problem is that most people are performing core exercises that are mobility, not stability exercises.  This is partially reinforcing to what I have been thinking and utilizing with patients, but I am also learning a lot from the video.  Great videos.

Check it out at


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