Treating Patients Based On Movement Patterns

Since I have been actively involved with learning as much information from Gray Cook and Shirley Sahrmann, I have been evaluating and treating my patients differently.  In the past 2 weeks, I have seen some impressive gains, just by looking at regional interdependence and movement patterns.

For example, I have 2 patients that have gotten dramatically better very quickly just by focusing their exercises on their deficient patterns rather than focusing on all the small non weightbearing exercises that I may have looked at in the past.  One woman demonstrated abnormal lumbopelvic rotation with motion and by working on walking, sit to stand, and some resisted upper body activities in closed chain stances, she has nearly eliminated this rotation and is almost painfree.  Another patient, who had been through PT for her shoulder for a long time is having a dramatic improvement in her symptoms by addressing her lack of thoracic rotation.

I feel I have uncovered a new way to treat patients and I am very happy with it.  If you are a Physical Therapist, spend a little more time looking at general patterns to see if you can improve those before focusing on the isolated deficits.

Keep moving,


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