Back To Work

I returned to work last Wednesday – 6 weeks after my hip surgery.  I’m doing well with the aide of a compressive wrap that has helped with swelling in the past.  I have a couple of observations related to the movement system that I treat as a physical therapist.

1) Shoewear – I have started wearing my Vibram’s again and I am once again so impressed by how many muscles in my lower leg are working.  They really seem to provide the feedback that works the muscles and gives me stability all at once.  When I’m not wearing them (for instance at work), I prefer my Altra Instinct running shoes.  The 2 most important features are the wide toe box and the zero heel to toe drop.  This makes movement much more natural.  The padding is good and bad – it helps me tolerate walking on concrete / hard floors all day, but it doesn’t provide anywhere near the proprioception that I get in the Vibram’s.

2) Fitbit – I started wearing this pedometer and sleep tracker a few weeks ago and I really like it.  I understand how people who wear pedometers walk more, you are constantly encouraged to keep moving to get those numbers up.  Amazingly, my long 10 hour work days do not improve my number of steps, I need to be out and about walking to get my steps count up.  I also really like the sleep tracker, I think it’s fairly accurate.  If I wake up less, then I can tell a distinct difference in my energy the next day.  I can better appreciate how more hours of sleep are really helpful.  The need for more sleep has been echoed in the Paleo Solution and I am actively trying to sleep more at night.

3) Sahrmann’s Movement System Syndrome Diagnoses are Tough.  I have started using the Movement System Syndrome evaluation and I like the information I am getting, but I find the diagnostic work to be harder than I imagined it would be – particularly for the lumbar spine.  I have a hypermobile patient with a chronic history of self and chiropractic manipulation that appears to be falling into both the lumbar flexion and extension category – which probably means he’s a rotation, but it is driving me nuts.  I plan to further expand the use of her tests to get a little more region specific.

4) Sugar is bad.  If you are not sure about it, check out the 60 minutes piece from this evening.

Take care and keep moving, Jason


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