I have been actively involved with CrossFit for the last 3 years now and I have learned a lot both positive and negative about it.  This is what I like the most about CrossFit:

1) the CrossFit definition of fitness, if you have not read it, it is a must read, just google “What is Fitness? and CrossFit”.  This dramatically changed how I view exercise and what I should or should not be doing.  This completely matched my feelings that there is probably something wrong about exclusively distance running for exercise.

2) Exposure to the deadlift, front squat, press, push press, clean, jerk, and snatch.  I always had a fear of looking like an idiot with a barbell, but after learning all of these lifts, I am very confident in how to perform them and how to perform them safely.

3) learning about kettlebells – this actually might be bigger than the barbell knowledge, especially learning the Turkish Get Up.  I totally agree with Gray Cook’s view that this might be the ultimate exercise.  I also love swings, cleans, and snatches with KBs.

4) Camaraderie – working out with like minded people that like to push themselves is great.  It takes me back to a feeling of being a part of a team and I love cheering others on and being cheered on.

5) Finding a new way to do Cardio – try any of the Met Con WODs and you’ll know what I mean.  Cindy is my favorite for new people.

6) Variety – self explanatory – this is what keeps people coming back.

7) Results – I have gotten much stronger and feel more fit overall.  I can pistol and do a handstand pushup, I also was able to deadlift over 300lbs and get 225lbs from the ground to over my head.

8) Theory – CrossFit teaches you that every rep should be a perfect rep and stresses teaching mechanics, then consistency with mechanics before finally adding intensity.  No one can disagree with this theory.

9) Scalability – I have been able see young, strong people kick butt in CrossFit and along side them, older, less fit people finding movements that are also similarly challenging.  It is a great program for everyone when applied correctly and helping people get going slowly.



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